1. Winter in the windy city. Though I share a few pictures of iconic symbols from my last visit to Chicago. I have actually only been to Chicago a couple of times and only a few days in total, but I like the city and even if it was freezing cold when these pictures were taken I would definitely like to see more of it at some point. 

  2. 2013 in retrospect through pictures from mytasteintravel on Instagram. What a year of travel!? Cannot believe that I got to visit both India and China for the first time during the year, as well going on an amazing road-trip through Texas and New Mexico. To top it off I also re-visited my all-time favourite Berlin, went antique hunting in Provence, admired the nature on Gotland, enjoyed the sun on Mallorca, tried as many restaurants as possible in New York and just relaxed in the summer house in Denmark. I can just wish that 2014 will be as exciting, but I am sure going to do my best to make that happen! 

  3. Just like the name indicates (in Swedish) restaurant vRÅ is located in a small corner in the lobby area of the Clarion Post hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden. The word game does however not stop here since “rå” also means raw which is one of the focus areas for this Japanese and Swedish fusion kitchen.

    I was taken to vRå for my last birthday and was pretty impressed by this small the place. The food and service was great, and I particularly liked the attention to detail that had gone into everything from picking beautiful china to folding popcorn cones out of Japanese newspapers.  


    Hotel Clarion Post
    Drottningtorget 10

  4. If you are into or curious about vegan and raw food you should try the café “Rawfoodbaren” on Viktoriagatan in Gothenburg. I would recommend the weekend brunch where you get a sampler of a few dishes on the theme of the week.


    Viktorigatan 18

  5. These pictures were taken two years ago during the autumn hunting season in the beautiful, beautiful woods outside of Askersund in Sweden. Walking through these woods over stocks and stones only guided by a compass direction was a fantastic nature experience. Really looking forward to our next trip this weekend!

    In Sweden there is something called the everyman’s right or the right to roam which basically means that you have the right to hike across and camp on another’s land so you hardly ever have to worry about trespassing. You can even pick wild flowers, mushrooms and berries without getting into trouble. But if it is hunting season be a bit careful and wear something very, very colourful… 

  6. I was so happy that I found this little gem in Sheung wan in Hong Kong last time I was there that I stopped by twice even though I was only in town for a couple of days.

    Heirloom is a small and relaxed café style restaurant that is beautifully decorated in a quirky way and serves great qualitative food based on fresh ingredients. At Heirloom they say that they are all about “Food They Like to Eat” and serve everything from splendid salads and sandwiches to mains inspired by flavours from all around the world. And let’s not forget about the delicious deserts and pastries… Yum! When I was there I focused my eating on the creative tacos which came in varieties such as Sambal Fish and Korean beef.

    Next time I am in Hong Kong I will definitely go back and I think you should check it out too!


    226 Hollywood road
    Scheung wan
    Honk Kong

  7. If you like me have been watching too much “Mad Men” and is longing for the allure of a time where travelling felt sexy and glamorous and not just a necessary evil to get from point A to B, you should try the Blue Train “Blåtåget”.

    The blue train covers the stretch between Uppsala – Stockholm – Skövde – Gotheburg in Sweden and even though it takes a bit longer than the speed train you will have a much nicer experience. The train consists of beautifully renovated cartridges from the 60’s where you can enjoy the atmosphere while the train rushes across the country. The restaurant consists of lovely little tables with white linen cloths and can offer you a three course dinner carefully prepared by the on-board chef. And as a finishing touch there is also a piano bar where you can enjoy some music and a drink – that’s what I call my taste in travel!


  8. This little café and bakery is perfect for a weekend breakfast or for a coffee with delicious pastry. 

    Rörstrandsgatan 15
    Stockholm, Sweden


  9. Lovely fruit and vegetables at San Lorenzo local market in Rome, Italy. 

  10. My work took me to Bejing a while ago and I was invited to accompany the organisation I was visiting to a Chinese cooking class, Yunnan style. Yunnan is one of China’s most southern provinces and a culinary melting pot with a lot of influences from neighbouring Burma and Vietnam.

    The cooking class was held at The Hutong which is a cultural exchange centre located in a hutong neighbourhood by Beixinqiao just south of Dongzhimen Nei. The class covered everything from wok and cutting techniques to information about all the ingredients and we got to make three different dishes; Yunnan stir fried lotus root with pickles (myfavorite), Yunnan fried chicken with chili and mint and Kunming xiao guo mixian (which was a kind of soup with rice vermicelli, pickles, tofu and pork).

    Great way to learn more about Chinese culture and to taste some delicious home-made food. Check it out if you are in Beijing.


  11. I’ve heard it called the slut among pastries and the trend might be fading in New York, but if you happen to be one of those who simply love cupcakes this little shop and café by St.Eriksplan in Stockholm is a must. Refined taste, daring combinations and just delicious!

    Cupcake Sthlm
    St: Eriksgatan 83
    Stockholm, Sweden


  12. I took these photos a while ago, but then I struggled with finding the right words to describe how much I like this perfectly quirky little place and ended up putting off posting it. I thought we would have forever and now when you are closing I am left with that feeling of not having said how fantastic you are while I had the chance. But better late than never I guess, so here we go;

    I like how you are so relaxed and welcoming, and how there has always been a mix of people of all sorts and ages. I love, love, love the decor which is a perfect mix of everything from stuffed animals and dirty pictures to plastic dinosaurs and quirky signs. Every time I have come I have discovered something new and I believe that you have been able to give every guest a unique experience. I’ve been impressed of how you have developed over the years and of how great the food has been (by the way to survive I will need the recipe of that milk chocolate brulée). And last, but not least everyone working with you have been truly amazing!

    It’s an and of an era that I am just so so grateful that I got to be a part of… RIP you’ll never be forgotten!

    Skojarbacken, Gothenburg


  13. The road is narrow and the vegetation is getting thicker, but it is just a minor detour and you arrive within a few minutes after taking off from the main road. The ruins of Windsor are majestic where they stand so peacefully surrounded by the lush greenery and it’s a perfect place to stop for a break and just take a moment to breath, think, listen or whatever you like to do…

    When the Windsor mansion was completed in 1861 it was the largest mansion in the state and the home of the wealthy plantation owner Smith Coffee Daniell II. Unfortunately for him he only got to live in the large mansion for a few weeks before he died. During the war the mansion was used as a Union hospital, which is probably why it was spared from being burned by Union troops. After the war the mansion was used for social gatherings in the area and became prominent landmark along the Mississippi river. The mansion faced its destiny on February 17th 1890 when it burned to the ground by a fire said to be caused by a party guest carelessly dropped a cigarette.

    Windsor Ruins are located 12 miles from Port Gibson on Mississippi Highway 552

  14. Walking through historic Vicksburg we came across a small Coca Cola memorabilia museum and as it turned out Vicksburg is the place where Coca Cola was first bottled back in 1894. Cute!


    1107 S Washington St.
    Vicksburg, Mississippi

  15. Visiting Cape Cod is like stepping into the American dream Kennedy style; with perfectly painted houses decorated with American flags, neatly trimmed lawns and beautiful Hydrangeas. A visit to Cape Code is thus not complete without watching a game of collegiate baseball.

    The Cape League is recognized as the best amateur summer league in the country with players from across the USA and representing all college divisions recruited to play in the 10-team loop.

    Don’t miss this fantastic celebration of wholesome American family fun!